About Humpbuckle-on-Sea

This site contains a collection of (mostly) 50 word stories based in the (fictional) English seaside town of Humpbuckle-on-Sea. They are written by Bruce Arbuckle (known as @felt.buzz on Hive, where these stories where originally published).

Some of them are in another universe: Humpbuckle-on-sea but not as we know it.

So you can dip in and read one or two stories or read them all. All the latest tales can be found on the Humpbuckle Tales blog page on Hive

Bruce doesn’t live in England, anymore, he lives in France: in the middle of France (four hours from the ocean). He runs a bed and breakfast so if you want to s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶ visit him, you can do (for a small price – bed and breakfast included!!!): 3placedesarbres.com

He also makes little characters made out of wool. Check those out at felt.buzz

The image at the top of the page (and used in my Humpbuckle Tales social media profiles) was created by Victor Adebiyi for Humpbuckle Tales (you can see how the image was created here), and I have the rights to use the image. Please go check him out