“fatal” a fifty word story (Humpbuckle Tales 4)

“It was just a game. “

Brian is shaking.

Dave coughs. Thick smoke rises from the burning car below.

“We should go.”

Throwing things off the bridge was his idea.

But Brian’s tomato, splattering red on the truck’s windscreen, caused it to swerve.

Watching television, later, Dave learns three people died.

This is my forth 50 word story in my series of Humpbuckle Tales, stories set in the fictional town of humpbuckle-on-sea.

I always publish the stories first on my blog on Hive. You can find the most up-to-date Humpbuckle Tales by checking out the HumpbuckleTales blog on Hive

Written by Bruce Arbuckle (@felt.buzz on Hive)


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