The Psychiatrist (3 of 6): a fifty word story (Humpbuckle Tales 7)

The Psychiatrist (3 of 6 : great support to the community)

He’d known the patient’s mother since he was five years old.

“Look at you!”

He squirms, uncomfortable in her embrace.

“You haven’t changed!”

“Neither have you,” he lies.

She fingers the scars on her face, subconsciously.

“It comforts me. Knowing you are his doctor.”

He smiles.

If she only knew.

This is the seventh in the series of Humpbuckle Tales. Each story is precisely 50 words long. They are meant to be independent stories, but if you read them all you will find each one adds a little bit more colour to the overall picture – there is a bigger story that is being told.

This story was first published on my Hive blog ( and you can find all the stories on the @humbuckletales Hive account – at the time of posting this I have just published the 13th Humpbuckle Tale there.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Bruce Arbuckle ( on Hive). Find the latest in the Humpbuckle Tales series on Hive


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